About Us

“The Best Way to Show Our Dedication is To Give a Piece of Ourselves to Others” ~ Anonymous

Jays Perfect Dreams Sdn Bhd, is an established event management organization that focuses

on corporate events and wedding planning services. We are committed to reinvent ourselves daily in a consistent manner, with targeted pursuit and undivided delivery in providing our guests with a product that consistently exceeds their expectations.

We enhance the value and image of our clients and partners by not only providing them with exquisite, creative and innovative concepts, but also undivided attention to every minute detail and specific intricacies’ based on our clients requirements, without compromising on quality service.

We offer a range of services that is available for an entire wedding or event, which are tailored to cater on specific individual needs and requirements. As a multi cultural country,we provide services across all cultures, with individually trained personnel who have the knowledge, capability and experience to guide and produce an experience to last a lifetime. Jays Perfect Dreams are flexible and mobile, as we are willing to organize events all over Asia if the need arises. We are consistently connected through the latest communication technology and channels and readily available on the varied social media networks.

Malaysia is a targeted Asian destination for many couples from abroad and locals, who dream of

an event with their families and friends. The competitive environment today places individuals ina very tight schedule towards achieving their career goals and this causes limited time in themplanning the lifetime event they have always dreamt of, ‘The Wedding”.

Jays Perfect Dreams are here to cater and fulfill these needs in ensuring every specific detail throughout their planningand implementation process is well organized.

Jays Perfect Dreams will be setting the platform for Malaysia and other countries around the world to raise awareness on the true definition of a Wedding Planner. At present, this untapped market promises immense potential for growth and we are the pioneers of this lucrative and prestigious sector.